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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hearts for Hearts, 14" Doll Pattern - FREE!

I wanted to share this great simple pattern.
I recreated this, in doll size, from a woman's blouse pattern.
What I love about it most is that it is SIMPLE!
This is the first version that I made,
This is lined which (to me) makes the neckline easier to manage. 

This is the second version, also lined.

This is the latest version I made for our newest doll, Naija.
I made the neckline a little higher and am happy with the results.

Here is the same top on a 13" Corolle doll.
On this slightly smaller doll this top makes a cute mini dress.

 This is the same pattern made from an up-cycled tee.
This is not lined since turning the tee fabric is a little easier.

Be sure to print this actual size on 8.5" x 11".

For all you AG fans I am working on an 18" version.


In all my doll clothes I use a presser foot seam.  
Which is simply I use the edge of the presser foot for my seam line.

NOTE: This pattern is free for personal use.  If you share it online please keep the link to this blog attached. Thanks.


jSarie said...

That's great! There are so few patterns for this size of doll, it's great to see them getting some attention. :)

Brenda and Sophie said...

I have noticed the same thing. I will be adding a pants pattern soon!

Flo said...

That is so cute, I like all of the versions you made.

Brenda and Sophie said...

When I find a pattern I like I usually make a bunch in different fabrics. Especially something this easy that turns out so darn cute!

Flo said...

I'm the same way, that's why we have so many versions of the Lady Lilly Tea dress! ;) (and likely to have more)

Brenda and Sophie said...

Haha! Yes!

LT said...

How do you get pattern to print? is there a download/pdf version?

Brenda and Sophie said...

Hi LT, I am really not very tech savvy. Um, I just click on the pattern image. This brings up the image alone. Right click on the image and save to your image folder on your PC

Janie Carroll Designs said...

LT is asking because when you click on this page and try to save the image it wants to save as a jpeg (picture file). My computer (and likely hers, too, does not give an option to print photos at actual size. When you scan these pages for use your printer should give you an option to scan them as a pdf. That will allow more of us to print them accurately. I hope that helps you.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Janie. I don't scan these images I create them on my computer as an 8x11 image. So, I will have to try and convert them in future. Sorry for any trouble.

Brenda and Sophie said...

OK I have re-saved the pattern image as a JPG file, so I hope this helps.

Denise Ratcliff-Kennedy said...

I'm not able to get the pattern to print. :( I just love these and want to make them.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Click on the pattern picture. Then right click and save as an image to your computer. Let me know if this doesn't work.

Sharron Johnson said...

Excellent, easy to follow pattern. I sewed contrast colored double fold bias tape around neck, arms, and all along back and hem of pattern. It came out really nice and hopefully my 10yr old buddy will like it on her Wellie Wishers doll. Thanks for sharing this delightful pattern.

Brenda and Sophie said...

I'm glad you liked the pattern! I was wondering if it would fit a Wellie Wisher.

Consuelo said...

Thank you for posting this! My AG doll clothes do not fit Consuelo at all! I am going to make this over the weekend. Thank You!