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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Molly's Day

Hello everyone, this is Molly.  I just wanted to share what my Saturday's are like.
First thing I like to do is get up early, you know about 6, and take 
Penny for an early ride. It's so still and quiet in the mornings.

Ok, Penny time to get back and start breakfast.
I love cooking and make breakfast for everyone who's up early enough.

 Molly where are you going so early?
I'm heading to Mercy House Thrift store, wanna come along?
No thanks, I'm too sleepy.
Well, I made breakfast if your hungry.
Thanks Molly!

 Hey Molly, did you make all this?
Yes, I hope you like it. I'm going thrifting, wanna come along?
I'm not dressed, besides, Jose and I are going to play dolls.
OK, have fun.

Hi girls, want me to look out for anything at the thrift store for you?
Anything with ladybugs on it!
OK, hey breakfast is on the table if your hungry.
Molly, you're the best!

Hi girls, I'm heading for Mercy House want me to look out for anything in particular?
I wanted a little handbag for spring, maybe something woven?
OK, I'll keep my eyes open, see ya!

Ah, finally I'm here!

Hmmm, let's see....

Molly's latest thrifting finds!
 Some AG singles

 Babydoll sippy cup 

 AG original winter outfit shoes and a Kit handbag.
Just what Emma was wanting!

 Some doll-size dishes and a trinket box.
Nellie wanted a box like this.

 A doll-size vase that will make a cute lamp.

 Doll-size night stand with drawers

 Doll-size perfume bottle

Madame Alexander boots

Bitty Baby Bear Album and Bitty Baby sippy cup!

And, this nice all wood double size doll bed!


Flo said...

Great finds! I finally managed a trip to my favorite thrift stores last week, found some cool stuff. Spent all of $10! :)

Brenda and Sophie said...

Yes, Molly and I have definitely had some good finds lately. I hope we see your finds soon?

Flo said...

Yes, this week!

Brenda and Sophie said...