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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello from Savannah Ann

I recently went to visit Savannah Ann and her Mom in Georgia.  Savannah wanted to say hello to all her friends and show you how she spends her days.

Hello everyone, Savannah Ann here to share my days with you!
The first thing I like to do in the morning is make some hot tea and read my
American Girl Magazine.

Then I make my bed.

After I've woken up and had breakfast it's time for a bath.
I love to soak in Mamma's beautiful bathtub.

Ah, so toasty warm! 

Then I wrap up in my warm towel.

It's sometimes chilly in the morning so I wrap up and check my email.
I especially love to see what my BFFs at the Savage Dolls are doing.

 Hi Jess!  Hi Emma!
I know they can't hear me, sigh.

After I finish on the computer I go out to feed the fish in the pond.

The fish are all hiding!

I love our pond.
"C'mon Savannah!  We're going to the nursery."

After we got back Aunt Brenda and I planted all our new plants.

Good morning!
This is the second day of Aunt Brenda's visit.

 Say hello to our dogs
Mack                   and                   Nina
They are both good dogs.  Mack likes to nibble your toes!

We went out after breakfast to run errands and saw some beautiful Georgia scenery.
 An old farmhouse...

  And a dogwood tree in bloom.

We had sushi for lunch and our friend Sue brought her doll to show us.

This doll was ALL handmade by a 93 year old Japanese lady!
Isn't she beautiful!

After lunch I sit on Momma's bed and read until I fall asleep.


Later that night we watched a movie and ate Mochi (mo-chee)
it's Japanese ice cream in a rice/sugar coating.  


 Last night the temperatures dropped and it is cold!
Mamma told me to dress warm and she made a fire to drink tea next to.

 When we finished our tea we went out to an antique store.

 Along our way we saw this old church

 So pretty.

This is Momma's rocking chair.  
She sits here and looks out at her flowers.
Momma and I love flowers


and Lilies, all kinds!

Well, it's getting late and Momma says I have to go to bed.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I spend my days.

Goodnight y'all,
Savannah Ann


Anonymous said...

Well, Miss Savannah Ann has quite a life (bless her heart)! You did a fabulous job on this Blog. Savannah and I graciously enjoyed your visit Aunt Brenda. We hope to see you very soon.
Hugs and kisses,
Sina and Savannah ­čśś❤️❤️

Flo said...

Looks like a fun visit! That doll made by the 93 year old woman is beautiful, wow!!!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Sina and Savannah, I loved my time with you and enjoyed getting to share all our fun times with our friends here. Emma and Jess say hello and they loved seeing all your pictures!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Flo, yes the Japanese doll is amazing. There were 3 layers of clothing in her Kimono and every detail was meticulously reproduced.