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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome Naija!

 Let's not overwhelm her with everyone all at once Amy!
Naija, this is Martin and Emma...

  Hi Naija!  I'm Amy and this is Layla, you are sleeping in OUR room!

 OH!  Who is this cute elephant?!?

 This is Aasha.  Aasha means 'hope'.

 Auntie made him for me when she knew I was 
leaving India to become an American girl.

 That is so sweet! I'm sorry you had to leave your Aunt?
Oh no, you see Auntie and Uncle is what we call our house parents.
I will miss them, but they are not my real Auntie and Uncle, you see?

Well, we are all adopted here! And now you are our sister too!
C'mon, I want you to see our room! Skyler and Nellie made it so pretty!

 Hi Naija, I'm Nellie.
Hello Nellie, thank you for making my room.

I was happy to do it!  We are so glad you are here!

Look girls I made room for your Mouse House right here in the sewing room.
Thanks Nellie!
Is this to play with?
Yes, our Daddy made it for us as a surprise.

These are our bunk beds,
They are very nice.

And this is YOUR bed!
OH! It is too pretty 

 It is so soft!
Let's put your things away.

 What's this?

 This is my passport from India 

and a picture of Auntie and Uncle.

And this is my mother.  She died when I was very small. 
Auntie and Uncle took me in.
She is very lovely!

Hello Naija, I'm Jose and this is Julie.  Welcome home.
Thank you Jose, I feel so welcome already.
OK, come down soon, Molly and Nellie are making lunch.
We weren't sure what you might like so we made a selection!
And cupcakes for dessert!

It all looks so good!

Welcome home Naija!!

Note:  I looked everywhere for the name Nahji on Indian name lists. 
 The closest I could find was Naija which means "Daughter of Wisdom".   


Flo said...

Nice to meet you Naija! I think you will be very happy in your new home.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Flo.

Julie Ann Newman said...

Welcome Naija! I know you're gonna have a groovy time in the Savage house!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Julie. I am already feeling Savage groovy!