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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Hearts for Hearts Doll Nightie Pattern

I'm on a roll with the 14" doll clothes, so I thought I would share another pattern.
If you think there is something familiar about this nightie you would be right.
It is a variation on the basic top pattern.
 Naija needed a nightie, so I thought I would go ahead and share this with all of you.

  I like using flannel for this nightie.

It's easy to work with and is soft and warm. : )

To all you seamstresses out there, if you can think of a 
clearer way to explain these steps feel free with suggestions!

This shows how I use a single turn on the neckline.  I use a decorative stitch, but a plain zig-zag or straight stitch works too.

Here is the sleeve

 This is a leaf and vine stitch that I love and used to hem the bottom of the nightie skirt as well as the sleeves and neckline.

I just love how cute this pattern makes up!


Flo said...

Simply adorable! That decorative stitch is a nice added touch too.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you Flo. I am happy with how these nighties turned out. I love that stitch. I maybe use it too much, but hey its for my doll clothes and I like it! hehe

Sophie said...

Thank you for this free pattern! I love sewing for those little ones (we have the whole collection here!), but it's not too easy to find sewing patterns for them! Yours are greatly appreciated!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I'm so glad you like them. I found the same thing. Small doll patterns were few and far between. Some I did find were not very satisfactory. Which dolls do you have?

Melanie Lillie said...

Question. If I print the pattern - will it be the correct size needed? Also, will this work for a Wellie Wisher doll?

Brenda and Sophie said...

There is a 1 inch square on the pattern. After you print that should be an actual inch square. If not you may need to adjust your printer up or down slightly. I don't know if this will fit a WW doll. Doll arms vary in size which could affect the fit.

Kath said...

This pattern is a bit too small for a Wellie Wisher. I made a couple for my granddaughter and the sleeves were too tight and it was hard to close in the back. A few alterations should take care of that.

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Kath, I made this pattern for Heart for Heart dolls. I don't have a Wellie Wisher doll in my collection. Apparently Wellie Wishers have bigger arms, sorry about that.