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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Package From India

 Hi Molly, Hi Julie.  Have you seen Naija?

 This package came for her from India.
Can't you hear the giggling?  They're all watching cartoons.

 Gigggle, giggle, Laugh

 Hey!  You're blocking our show!
Hey yourself Amy!  Naija has a package and it's from INDIA!

 Oh, it must be the rest of my things!

 It is, it is from Auntie.
I did not expect them to come so quickly.

Oooh look at the pretty stamps!
Open it Naija!

 Ooooh, pretty, but it just looks like a bunch of fabric.
They are my Sarees.
Your what?

 Sarees and scarves and cholis.
They are the traditional dresses of India.

 Look there are little tops too!
Those are called cholis

 Can we see them on Naija?
OK, sure.

I'll get my camera!
OK Julie.


Ooh, Ahhh!  Pretty.

I love that fabric!

Oh that's my favorite!

Nellie said I should get a picture in my dress too!

Hey, let's go outside and take some more photos!

OK Julie.


Flo said...

So pretty! Did you make all of them? I want to make one for Shivan, I have the material for her choli, just need to get the rest.

Brenda and Sophie said...

I did! Thank you. If you are interested I will show details of how I made them. The skirt is pleated around the waist before it is wrapped around. I think most are worn draped over the left shoulder.

Flo said...

Did you use a pattern for them? I've looked at the one on Pixie Faire several times. I will definitely keep your offer in mind when I finally get to working on mine!

Julie Ann Newman said...

Oooh! Such pretty clothes! That was nice of your Auntie to send them to you!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Flo, you don't need a pattern, a saree is just a long rectangular piece. Measure your doll from empire waist to floor. Then measure twice their height plus a half her height. This is the measurements for the fabric rectangle. Hem all 4 edges. Start from left side of saree and gather about 1/3 of the fabric ( I stitch the gathers to hold them) and attach around waist with snap or velcro. Wrap the rest of the fabric around her back and over her left shoulder. The choli can be made from any tee shirt pattern. I just make sure it fits snug. Go to a website that explains how to wrap a saree that is also helpful.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Hello Julie, this is Naija. Yes, Auntie is very good to me. I am happy to be a girl in America now. I have helped Auntie send other children's things to their forever home and now I have my forever home too!

Flo said...

Good to know!