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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making Valentine's

I'm glad you wanted to make Valentine's with me Grace.

Sure, I love crafts!

Let's see whose Valentine will I make first.

                               That's really pretty Grace.                                            Thanks Nell.

 Hi, whatcha doin?
Hi Julie, we're making Valentine's for our friends.

Can you show me how?

First pick out some pretty craft paper and decorations like ribbon or glitter.
You'll need a pencil and some glue.

 Start by drawing a heart shape, then fold it right down the middle.

 Cut it out while it is folded and when you open it it makes a perfect heart!

 When you have some cut out hearts use them to draw more
hearts on a fold.

We cut out 3 different sizes and used our glue sticks to paste them together,
one on another.  Then we glued on ribbon or a rose or any decoration you want!

 See?  These are already done.
Hey, that's pretty easy! Let's make some more.


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