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Meet Our Dolls
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Newest Doll!

By Brenda & Sophie Savage

Yesterday our new doll arrived.  We purchased her on Ebay.  She came with a lot of clothes and a green chair.  Here she is on the Ebay ad.

This is Sophie.  I was at a playdate and when my mom came to get me in the front seat was an American Girl Doll!!  She has light red hair and blue eyes.  I think she might be a Nellie Doll so that is what I call her.  I love her already!

Here is her picture!


Here is Nellie getting to know Emma and Molly.

Here is Nellie having some snacks with Julie and Grace.  

And here are all my girls together.  Left to Right is Molly, Grace, Nellie, Emma and Julie.


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