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Monday, August 06, 2012

The Antique Cradle

By Brenda Savage

One of our first projects was a bed for Grace.  Not long after Grace arrived on Christmas Day, Sophie and I went shopping.  Sophie saw a doll bed at TJ Maxx and I almost bought it, but I remembered something that had almost been forgotten.  I had an antique doll cradle that I received from my grandparents when I was Sophie's age.  This doll cradle had been my grandmother's doll bed when she was a little girl!  When we got home I dug it out and Sophie's Dad and I started to work.

Christmas 1976  (yes, that's me, Sophie's mom!)

Sophie's Dad refinishing the cradle

Meanwhile, I was selecting fabrics for bedding.

Here is my first quilt in progress...


Here is Grace on her first bed.  

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