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Monday, August 06, 2012

A place of their own

By Brenda Savage

Soon after Emma came to our house it seemed obvious that she needed a bed.  I built this little white bed which Sophie took for Grace. (The antique doll cradle was a little too fragile for everyday play anyhow) Now the dolls needed a room.   So I started to think of some way to make a room for Sophie to play with.  This was my first idea...

This is just a display board from an office supply place that I covered with wrapping paper.  This is a great idea for people with small living spaces because it can be folded up and slide underneath a bed when not in use.

One day I happened upon  (of all things! Who knew?) a YouTube video of another girl displaying her AG doll house.  She had made a doll house out of her closet shelves.  Perfect!  I knew what must be done.

With the help of my husband we built some shelves in Sophie's closet.  I painted the inside walls and started work on some furniture.

 The Living Room.

The bedroom

And the kitchen.  The kitchen came along in stages.  Here is the first version.

Then I built the stove...

and the final finished kitchen.

And the whole thing!

Most of the furniture I built with a little help from my husband.  It was so much fun to see it all come together.  The best picture is Sophie's face when she saw it all put together for the first time.


Karen said...

Love the doll house, so cute. Love the whole blog!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you, we had so much fun making it all happen.

Claudia Hernandez said...

Great job!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you! But you should look for our NEW house!!

Stopmotion Dollies said...

Hi I was wondering I could have the measurements for each doll room because I would love to make this myself

Brenda and Sophie said...

These shelves are 31" wide, 20" deep and 24" tall. I hope this helps.