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Friday, August 24, 2012

Our New Bedroom with bunkbed

By Sophie and Brenda

OK, so we needed more beds for all our dolls, so Mom made our old bed into a bunkbed,  Here are pictures of the bunkbed being built and their redone room.

Here is the new bunk being sized up for later.

this is the extra pillows and mattress for the new bed.

After painting.

BEFORE and...

Here is the newly redecorated room!

I covered a piece of scrap wood with fabric and ribbon to make a new slim side table.  The new side table allows the trundle bed to pull out and also becomes a headboard.

Here you can see the trundle pulled out.

The dressing table

Julie loves the new bunk and trundle!


Karen said...

Love the new room, Thanks for sharing

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks for the nice comment!

Meg said...

Thanks for adding us to your blog list! We love yours!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Oh sure! I'm glad you like it!