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Monday, August 06, 2012

A trip to the mountains

By Sophie Savage (age 8)

It all started when they packed their bags and got ready to go to the mountains.  the hardest part was saying good by to there dogs Lacey and Coconut. Emma and Emily were petsitting there pets.

Julie is in the front seat of the van and looking out the window and saw beautiful sights. it was great and she was amazed.
Grace is also in the front seat looking out the also took three days and three nights to get to the mountains.after a awhile Julie and Grace got board so they feel asleep.

and the third day when they woke up they where in a log cabin in there sleeping bags.

and then they started exploring they looked at the patio and the patio stairs.

They could not believe how big the trees were.  They saw big mountains to.

and then look what they found a fawn and a mama deer it was beautiful.

Julie and Grace liked the deer and the fawn.

and next Julie and Grace sat down for a rest.and then got up to look some more.

next Julie went up stars and saw my brother and me out the window  

and then Grace came to see just me.

After awhile they walked to the lake.  It was so beautiful and the waster was cold!

After a swim they had a rest on the bed.

Too soon it was time to go home again.  After packing everything up it was time to go.

Sweet dreams...

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