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Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Extra Room

Well, after Emily arrived from Salvation Army we had 4 dolls and the doll house was getting crowded.  I decided we needed another bedroom.  I found a bit of shelf space in an out of the way spot and thought about how to decorate it.

Since this would be a studio doll room I figured a daybed would be the best idea.  I started with a very basic design using scrap wood from my husbands wood-shop.

I upholstered the back of the daybed with scrap fabric and fluffed it up with batting.  I just used hot glue to attach the fabric to the wood.  Then I made some bedding out of more scraps.  Over all I think the bed came out very nice.

Next I began doing some more rummaging.  I pulled out a Clinique box I had in a drawer for years holding miscellaneous hair clips and bobby pins.  On top of it I placed a wooden piece that had been a wood block calendar kids project from Home Depot.  (we had 2, the other is in the doll house kitchen)

I found the lamp above at a thrift store.  There were 2 in a bag.  The base is clear enough I could fill it with shells or beads,  hhmmm

I found this mini-chandelier at a craft store.  I love it!

A piggy bank and a stuffed bear, some small scale artwork for the walls.

On the left is a battery powered candle with a wire and fabric shade.

A finished single shelf room.  


Mary Ellen Jackson said...

So clever! It must have been so much fun to create. I sew and need a place to hang their outfits.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you! I have fun making all our doll rooms!