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Meet Our Dolls
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Monday, September 01, 2014

School Shopping

 Hi Jess, Hi Grace, Hi Nina.

 Hi Martin! We didn't know you worked at the mall!
We are here to do our school shopping.
Can you believe it's time for school already?

 Look around we have lots of stuff for school.

 Hmmm, I like this dress...
Look at this jacket...

Hey girls, I have to go to work myself.  Stop by when you are done shopping.
OK, see ya later.

I'll take this dress.

 I'll take that gold hippo.  I know someone who would love it.

Hey Martin can you come with us to see where Grace works?
Sure, it's time for my break.

Hi Grace, we brought Martin.
Hi Martin, what can I get for you?

 Mmm, it all looks so good!

 Grace this is the best!

Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it.

Doll Cash Printable
Click on image, then 'save image as' to a photo file
on your computer.  Print out on 8.5x11 sheet.
Cut out, fold in half and glue stick together.

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