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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Looking forward to Halloween!!

 Tell me what you think?

I got a new sewing machine and in the midst of trying out all it's new
features I had all this gathered fabric.  Then I noticed this 'star' stitch and thought ,
"that would be SO cute on a witches dress."
 SO, I threw it all together for
a skirt and added this bodice from the Kirsten pattern.
Found here:'s_Patterns

 Here is a second dress I made on the same theme.
And the first dress that I changed a bit.

  I had some wool felt lying around so I put together matching hats.


Sharon Collins said...

How cute! I would let you use any of my machines! Of course I have many machines but NEVER did I think of stars as decoration for a witch's costume. I thought out it as decoration on a fashion doll dress with glitter thread or Christmas dress.

How brilliant you are! Thanks for teaching me a new way to use the star stitch on my machine.

See you taught this old dog a new trick. Which is why I follow you.

Thank you for sharing.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you Sharon! What a nice comment I really appreciate hearing that another sewer likes something I did!.