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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Savage Dolls Cafe

 So I looked in the classroom and 
there is Emma working away at something...

 So, Jess goes to your new school?

 Yes, that's right.  Hey let's get something at
the coffee shop.

Sounds great!  Let's go!

Hi, welcome to the Savage Cafe, what can I...
Hey, hi Emma!  Hi Jess!

Hi, Martin, this is Nina, she came with Grandma for a visit.
 Martin, how long have you worked here?

Hi Nina, nice to meet you.
I haven't worked here long at all, 
what can I make for you?

 Oh, it all looks so good.

 Ooo, I'll have a cupcake and a mocha blended.

I'll have an espresso.
And, I'll have a strawberry blended.
Ok coming right up!

Wow, these are great Martin.

And here are some extra cupcakes, they're my treat.
Thanks Martin, you are so nice!

Well, we better be going, see you later Martin.
Bye girls, have a nice day!

The Savage dogs

Cheri Ann

 Cheri & Cilly

 And Max!  Helping Kurtis set up.

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