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Friday, September 05, 2014

Doll Mask tutorial

These are the masks I made for our doll's Ball.
Below is a printout pattern.  
Make sure the page prints out so that the
Masks are 4 inches by 1.5 inches.

Click on this picture and 'save as' to your picture file.
Then print out 8.5 x 11.

This mask can be made with craft foam, cardboard, or felt. 
This tutorial is made with paper to create a "Ball Style" mask.
I gave one mask some cat ears for all you cat costume dolls!

Cut out one mask

Using a glue stick, glue one mask over another on the sheet.
Glue sticks dry fast and don't cause wrinkling like white glue.

Cut the 2 layer mask out together.
This makes a mask that is strong enough for

Use a hole punch to start eye holes.  Carefully cut inside 
the black lines or turn over to unprinted side.

Gather your decorations.  I used things I already had around.  
Glitter, feathers, sequins, ribbon, etc.

I glued on some sequins & feathers.

Then I ran white glue around the empty spaces and
glittered all over. The extra glue gives the mask added strength.

Dry lying over a pencil.  This helps it have a natural curve
to fit your doll's face.  I added a small dowel to my
masks for the Ball, but some elastic or ribbon can be used to 
tie a mask to your doll's face.

Have Fun.

Just a note: for the cat mask cut out the cat ear mask first
and glue over another mask print on the paper.
Then cut out the mask with 2 layers including the ears.

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