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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Julie makeover

 This is our friend's Julie doll.
She had her since she was 5 and she cut her hair and
gave her some coral lip color, which our friend did not want to change.

Her hair was in a pony tail and when I took it out it was cut pretty jaggedy.

 After a gentle brush out with a metal tine brush
I did a very careful trim (with our friends permission)
to even out some of the cut.  The hair was full length on one side and
Shoulder length on the other.  I actually evened out the sides to make it
look like Julie had gotten a layered cut all over.
I cut as LITTLE as possible though!

Julie's hair is a bit different than other AG hair, very fine and .  I find it harder to
repair and I am reluctant to use a straightener on it as I would with 
a doll with heavier hair, like a Molly or Felicity.

Our friend's Julie had a doll spa treatment.
A gentle wash with a baking soda & water solution.
I was VERY careful NOT to get any water or baking soda in her eyes.

Next I made a solution of fabric softener and water.
Her hair was not dirty so I just used it like a leave-in conditioner.  I brushed it through
then twisted it and left it for about 30 minutes then let her hair air dry.



This is a great easy flipped through pony tail.  
It hides the different lengths and makes a pretty style.

While the makeover made a big difference in Julie's appearance
her hair is still a bit damaged.  But now it can be brushed more easily and most
importantly our friend is very happy.  BTW she got to keep the dress.  : )

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