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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New email contact

I have created a new email just for the blog it is:

Make a note!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our Harmony Club Doll needs a name

I have decided that we should keep this little girl, but I can't
settle on a name.  Here are some more photos of her to help.
Here she is with Skyler and Emma. 
She looks a little shy to me.

I went over her hair with the wig conditioner spray
again and it looks shinier.





I keep finding 'A' names, hm.

Any Ideas?

Thank you all for your help.  She is - 

April Briana-Mae

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another Thrift Doll

I found this doll thrifting. 
 At first glance I thought she was a 'My Life As' Doll, 
but she is a Harmony Club Doll.
I was attracted to her curly hair.
I looked up Harmony Club Dolls but didn't find out much.

She has a sweet face but strange lip color.

She has a wig and the hair seems pretty good.
Not to AG standards, but not bad.
Her body is made from a polyester fabric.
 Her limbs are loose but she can stand on her own.

Her hair is a bit tangled.
I am hoping to make an improvement here.

I brushed out the worst of the tangles and washed her hair.

My usual go-to for doll hair, wig shampoo and conditioner.

After her wash I brushed her hair into curls.
I left her alone until her hair dried.

I changed her lip color to something slightly rosier.

Here she is!!

 Her hair is quite long.

Hair is not silky like AG but I like her curls.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recent Additions to our collection

As many of you know, I love thrifting. 
What you may not know is that I sell a lot of my 
finds on ebay to support my AG addiction! Haha
I have been looking out recently for AG outfits to add to my collection.
I seem to be liking a lot of older outfits, but some new as well.

I am shocked at how time has sped.
This first outfit I thought of as pretty recent, but it was made 7 years ago!!
 Here is Elle in the 2010 Casual Chic Outfit

Love this hat!

Beth is wearing the 2007 Flower Garden Dress

These next two outfits you may already know I had ordered.

 Julie's Patchwork Outfit.

I  love the matching bandana. 
I have the necklace, but forgot to put it on for the photo!

I love all of Julie's platform shoes.

AND,  Julie's 2017 New Year's Outfit

I read a review on the AG website and this person HATED this outfit!
They felt the fabric and colors were strange.  
Obviously did NOT live through the 70s!

I adore these purple velvet shoes!!

 Here's Molly in the 2005 Sight Seeing Outfit
which you saw in 'Finding Baxter'.
I added the tights, but not sure I like them?

I have always liked this outfit,  but 
I don't think it is very flattering on Molly.

 Here it is on Skyler sans tights.
I like it.

Very pretty Skyler!

Grace and Emma are wearing some early AG outfits.
I have had parts of these outfits, but now I have all the pieces!
(except the shoes for the urban outfit - sigh)

 2000 Edition Urban Meet Outfit

 This vest is reversible, but you'd have to cut out the AG label.

The outfit came with the original shoulder bag and watch!

 1997 Play Outfit

I only recently found the sandals!

The denim shirt has real metal snaps.

 Emma in the 2000 American Girl Picnic Outfit

 Came with the sunglasses and flower hair band.

Look at these TEVA look-a-likes!

I am really happy with these additions.
(I may need an intervention)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Finding Baxter

"OK, I think we have enough posters.
We should post them along our walk path."

"Ok, we've got the posters and tape, let's go."

"Whew, let's sit down for a minute."
"Yeah, let's."

"I hope we hear something soon.  It's hard not to get attached." 

"yeah, I know what you mean. He is such a sweet dog."

 "How did it go?  All the posters put up?"

"Yes, we put them all over.  Hopefully we will hear something soon."

"Wait, I hear mom on the phone."

 "I think it's someone about the dog!"

  "Oh! I hope it's good news!"

"I guess that depends on your idea of good news Emma."

 Mom: "Well, that was a man, Mr. Pearson, calling about the dog.  He said the dog belongs to his Dad and the dog's name is Baxter.  Mr. Pearson's dad just moved into a retirement home that doesn't allow dogs. Apparently Baxter ran off when they were loading his dad's things in the moving truck. The son was going to take Baxter, but he works a lot and worried the dog would be lonely. Mr. Pearson and his dad asked about our home and family.  His dad was happy to know that Baxter would be with lots of kids and other dogs."

"So, Molly, it looks like Baxter is yours, if you want him."