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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Visiting the Seasonal AG store!

Our nearby mall has a temporary American Girl store, just for the Holidays.  
We loaded up and went to take a look.

We started out at the Disney store.
(We couldn't pass it up!)

 Our Star Wars fan had to have his picture
in front of the Star Wars display.

 Emma, Martin and Grace sang along to Frozen.

 All the kids in the castle!

On our way to the AG store we saw some lovely Christmas displays.

And here we are! 

 We love Ellen Larkin's living room.

 And Julie's super cool chair.

Grace got a ride on Kaya's horse.

Emma loves this little foal.

 And Grace played with some puppies.

 Emma discussed astronomy with Grace.

 Grace tried out the new wheelchair.

Everyone loved this baking set!
All of us were playing with the mixer which really mixes!

AND the Bistro set.

Let's go eat!

What a great way to start our Christmas Season!

OH and just a last minute note.  The ladies who worked at the store
LOVED Martin! Apparently they had never heard of a BOY American Doll.


Flo said...

Say what?! Apparently they don't read any doll blogs. Looks like everyone had a great time, especially Martin!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I know huh!?! I didn't say anything just smiled and said thank you. Yes, while the girls were getting great pictures Martin was happy being ooed and aahed over. ;)

Julie Ann Newman said...

*From Julie's doll mom:*

I haven't been to the Mission Viejo Mall since '91. Didja buy anything? I've wanted to show off Danny or Jason or Kyle at an AG store, but they don't wanna go where "all that yucky girl stuff" is. LOL! And that's really weird that they haven't heard of boy dolls. What about Etsy? Or Harmony Club, or My Sibling , or My Twinn boy dolls? Wow, talk about being outta touch!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Wow! Small world huh? Sadly we did not buy anything. I have this crafters block that whenever I see something in a store I say to myself, "I can make that." So I rarely buy cute things - anywhere. Sigh. ;) That is funny about your guys and all that yucky girl stuff! I was surprised when Kurty and Martin were excited to go to the AG store. After the ladies there made a big deal about Martin, Kurty and Martin were both even more excited about it. I was surprised too that they had never heard of boy dolls. I had to remind myself that most people do not follow the doll world, but they really should, especially if they work at an AG store!