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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Looking for Fall Leaves

OK girls, I need to find some Fall Leaves for my school report.
Will you help me?
Sure! Of course we will!
You two walk towards the school and I'll walk towards the church.

I'm not seeing any Fall Leaves.
Well, because we live in Southern California!
We'll really have to keep our eyes open.

Well, so far nothing but this pretty yellow daisy.

Palm trees, but no fall leaves.

There is nothing but Palm leaves around here!
Let's keep going!

Here are some leafy trees, but no Fall colors!

Hello avocado tree can you give me one yellow leaf?

More Palm trees.

Well this bougainvillea is a Fall color and technically
these flowers are  leaves...hhmm, I don't think Mr. Lohman would agree.

Look Elle another flower!
But we need to find Fall Leaves!
Oh right, sorry.

Elle!  Look up!  This tree is beautiful!
It's just what Emma needs, but how can we reach them?
Look on the ground!

Will these be OK?
I think Emma will love them!
Let's gather them up and head back.

Some more lovely flowers! But where are the Fall Leaves!

Finally!  Yellow leaves on this
pomegranate tree! 
HEY!  What's that!? 


How beautiful!

I love fall.

WOW!  Thanks!  I have plenty of leaves for my project now.
We had fun!  It was great to walk around and 
REALLY look at all the plants and trees in our neighborhood.

You two are the best!


Flo said...

Things we all take for granted, here the leaves are all off the trees and crumbling. I'm glad they found enough for the project.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Yes. we don't have many trees that actually turn colors. It is a treat to see them here and there.

Julie Ann Newman said...

It's hard to find trees near where I live that turn colors. There are some, but mostly the leaves just turn brown and fall off the trees.

Brenda and Sophie said...

I am not surprised! I can count on one hand the number of trees with fall leaves in our neighborhood. I think we Californians appreciate them even more. :)