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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Savage Middle School theater club Presents "Frozen"

 Welcome to our play.  This play version of Frozen was written by 
myself and our sister Lisa who also directed our play.
 I hope you enjoy it.

Elsa, come build a snowman!

 NO!  I can't risk you getting hurt again!
*whisper* stop you'll make me laugh!
*whisper* sorry

I will go away into the mountains!
*whisper* Emma stop! (giggle)

No, don't leave me alone again!

Kristoff I have to find my sister Elsa.

You can't go into those mountains alone Anna, I'll go with you.
*whisper* Emma!

Let's go this way. (snort)

Kristoff look an Ice Palace!
That must be where she is!

This is where I belong, in my Ice Palace
on a mountain of Ice.

This is my Ice Palace and no one is allowed to come here.
Go away!

Please come back it will all be fine I promise!
Oh all right, I will come back because
you are my sister and I love you.


Our director Lisa!
You are all invited back to our house for an after play party!
(more applause)

(Christmas Music) 
...and Emma kept giggling, I nearly lost it!
Sorry Martin. (giggle)

Emma got the giggles then I started to giggle.
We didn't even notice!

We were all so nervous, but it all came together.

Lisa was awesome, she wrote and directed us.
You wrote too Martin! Give yourself credit!

Oh yes, Martin and Lisa really made this play happen!
We all had so much fun.
It was a great play!

Some close-up views of our Christmas Decorations
Tow-Mater Christmas lunchbox

A Christmas Pudding and treats.

Christmas tree teapot, Spode plate and spoon.


And our tree!


Julie Ann Newman said...

Good job! I don't know what Frozen it kinda like the Snow Queen?

Flo said...

So cute! Did you sew the costumes?

Brenda and Sophie said...

That's right Julie, you would not know about this story!! (This is Lisa by the way) Yes, Frozen is a story about 2 sisters, Elsa and Anna, who are princesses, and the older sister makes ice from her hands, but it scares her because when they were little girls, she accidentally hit her sister with the ice and it almost killed her sister. Elsa spends years isolated from people until her coronation day. She is so nervous she accidentally freezes her whole town, so she runs away to the mountains and makes her own ice castle, so she won't hurt anyone. Her sister, Anna, follows her into the mountains with the help of her friend Kristoff. Anna convinces her sister, Elsa, to return to her throne and release the town from the ice and she learns that her gift of ice can be helpful to her people. (this is the very condensed version of the story!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Well Flo, (this is Brenda) I made Kristoff's costume, but the irls dresses I ordered online last year. Kristoff's costume was enough work for me!! (but I think it turned out pretty good!)