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Meet Our Dolls
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Thursday, March 05, 2015

We all love our dolls!

By Emma & Beth

 Beth and I thought it would be fun to take pictures of all our dolls!
 Here are Beth and I with our Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls

 And, this is my new Lalaloopsy doll

and Beth's new Lalaloopsy!
We love their long hair!

  Next we asked our sisters and Martin what are their favorites!

 This is Julie with her Strawberry Shortcake

 And Jose with her Cherry Jam doll.

And Elle and Grace with Lemon Meringue and Orange Blossom.
 "We love the Strawberry Shortcake dolls because they each smell so good!"

 Elle also loves teddy bears.  This is her favorite Honey Bear.
"Honey Bear is my favorite because she is so cuddly!"

And here is Grace with her Raggedy Ann.
"We all wanted a Raggedy Ann doll after our own Ann came to live here.
We love all her stories!"

 This is Nell and her Betsey from Colonial Williamsburg.
"I Love the Colonial era and I love Betsey's beautiful dress!"

 This is Jess and her Raggedy Ann and little Bunny.
"I fell in love with Raggedy Ann like the other girls after reading
all the great stories about her and Little Bunny is just SO cute!"

This is Martin's owl Hedwig like Harry Potter.
"I pretend my Hedwig is real and can deliver letters for me!"

I also have a collection of Star Wars action figures.

 This is Molly's antique doll Laura.
"She is very old and I must be very careful with her."

So, that is all our dolls!

Thanks for letting us share!


Julie Ann Newman said...

I have dolls too. Blythe, JuJu, Dawn, 3 Barbies, and my doll from Scotland named Bonnie. Danny and Jason have action figures. They have Superheroes, Planet Of The Apes, The Six Million Dollar Man and Bigfoot, and GIJoes.

Sophie and Brenda said...

That is SO cool! Martin has a couple star wars figures but we forgot to show them! We'll have to add another picture!