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Meet Our Dolls
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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Meet Skyler

 Hey, Nellie and Skyler are on their way here now!
Wow, it is so neat that we are getting another sister!

 So, what do you know about Skyler Molly?
I know she is quiet and shy, we should do all we can to make her feel at home.

 Here we are, OH hi martin! This is Skyler.
Skyler this is Martin.

Hi Skyler, welcome to our family.
Thank you.

This is Jose, Grace & Julie.
Hi Skyler.
Hi Skyler.
Hi Skyler, do you like Strawberry Shortcake?
I do! The only doll I have is my stuffed dog, Missy.
Here you can play with mine if you like.  We all share!


 And here is Molly, Martin again, Elle & Jess.
You'll meet Beth and Emma later on.
Wow, there are so many names to remember!

 Skyler, never worry about all our names, 
We all know how hard it is to be new.
We are all so happy you are here!
We love having a new sister!

Hey, where is she gonna sleep tonight?
I have an extra bunk you know?
That's right Martin, thanks for mentioning it!
C'mon I'll show you to my room.

 Well, this is my room.
You can have the top bunk if you want.
Mom has a bed being prepared for you but until it's ready we'll share.

Wow, thanks.
You've all made me feel good about being new.

You know what this means?!



Julie Ann Newman said...

Welcome Skyler!

Sophie and Brenda said...

(this is Skyler) Thanks Julie! I am really happy with my new home. All my new sisters ad brother have been very welcoming. Mom is fixing my room and it is going to be SO cute! I can't wait to show everyone.