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Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby doll cradle from a cardboard box

I got this 6" babydoll for 99 cents on ebay.
She came wearing this little lavender stripe dress and tites.
She was a bit musty smelling and sticky, so she got
a baking soda/water bath and I put her in a baggie with baking soda powder over night.

I made this little christening gown for her next day.

 For a little doll bed I started with a box slightly bigger than my 6" doll.
I cut off the lid and used it for a curved headboard and bonnet.

 Here is the headboard
 And here is the bonnet which is just bent around the curved top.

 Next I covered everything with fabric attaching with my glue gun.

 This next picture is the bonnet and headboard.
 I covered each piece separately, then glued them together.

 And here is the headboard added.
Now my bed is all covered in fabric.

I used lace and bric-a-brac and hot-glued them to my bed
over the canopy first, then around the bed.

Here is a detail of the back.
Not perfect, but fine for a toy doll!

 At this point I realized my lace was too long,
SO, I had this oatmeal box that I had saved and
decided to use it to make a rocker/stand.

 Cut in half and covered in leftover fabric scraps,
I glued it to the underside of my doll cradle.

Small pillows for bedding AND...
A doll and cradle for Skyler.

I made this cradle for a tiny doll, but this idea could work for any size doll!

 Back in the dollhouse...
 Look Julie!  Mom got me my own doll!!

She is SO cute!

 I think so too.


Flo said...


Julie Ann Newman said...

Wow, what a groovy way to make a doll cradle. And your doll is so cute!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you both! I love these little projects. I thought a baby doll would be cute, THEN I needed to make a cradle - of course. :)

Sharon Collins said...

Cute! Just like I made as a kid!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Me too Sharon! I guess I have been crafting things since I was a girl, no wonder I'm still at it.