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Monday, January 19, 2015

Sledding at Big Bear

This is perfect!

Let's get a picture together!

 Martin you first.

 Emma, you next!


C'mon Jess, it's great!


WHOA! I slipped!


 Wipe out!

Smile girls!

 Nice snowman.
We're not done yet!


Smile Jess!

C'mon Jess let's go together!

What a great day!


I know we'll find some hot chocolate here somewhere!

Oooh, this is perfect.
What are you getting?

 How can you drink that cold drink on a day like this?
It's chocolaty.

This is my idea of spending the day in Big Bear.
Me too.
Me too.


Flo said...

This is too cute!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you, we had fun!

Julie Ann Newman said...

*From Julie's doll mom:*

I used to go to Big Bear every Christmas and go inner tubing and sledding (w/ an old boogie board). Looks like you guys had a fun time!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Hi Julie! We did have a good time! It was a great day.