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Friday, January 30, 2015

Doll dressing table lamp tutorial

Here is the small dressing table lamp I made for our new trunk bedroom.
I made this with stuff I already had around the house.

You will need beads of your choice, 
a jewelry making pin 
(OR just a regular straight pin might work), 
2 flat pieces like 2 large buttons, 
a faux candle,
ribbon or border stickers,
AND a hot-glue gun.

 This is the type of battery candle you want to use.
The top is wavy but we will hide that!

 Put your beds on the pin and hot-glue them in the middle.

 Hot-glue your bead group to the base.
Put a dab of glue on the top bead and trim off the pin.

You should end up with this shape.  
(I think a stack of slim crystal beads would be very pretty!)
At this point you could paint the lamp to make it all one color.

 Using ribbon or border stickers carefully cover the wavy top of the candle.
Be sure to try and make a level top!

 Do the same with the bottom.

 Place the lamp shade on your base and you are DONE!

A real light up lamp!


Flo said...

Very clever! I have a couple of those candles that I wasn't sure what I was going to do with, now I know. Thanks for the great idea!

Sophie and Brenda said...

I am always looking for ways to make real light-up lamps. I am pretty happy with how these came out.