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Meet Our Dolls
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Jess gets her own room.

 Oof, sorry Emma.
That's OK Jess.

 (tip-toe, tip-toe)

 OOF!! OH sorry Beth!!

 Girls we are SO crowded sharing this room!

 Hi girls, everything OK?
Hi Martin!
Oh, we are just too crowded sharing a room with three of us!

I think I might be here just in time.
Here Jess.

 What's this?
A key silly!
I know, but to what?

 Well, if you all put your shoes on I will show you!

 What is this?
Open the door Jess!

 OK, here goes...


Am I dreaming!?!?

Oh Jess! It is SO pretty!!
You are SO lucky Jess!!
Let's go get my stuff! 

 Don't make a mess Toshi!
Everything in it's place.


A place of my own!

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