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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Sweater & Mittens Project

In preparation for our mountain sledding trip, we were 
dressing all the dolls in warm clothes and ran a bit short.

I had this thrift store wool sweater that I had bought for another project that never got done.
I decided maybe a sweater dress would be cute.

This is the basic tee pattern I used.  I lengthened the sleeves 
and hem so it would be dress length.

I laid my pattern pieces on the sweater keeping
the bottom of the sweater for my dress.
This is the front of the dress cut on the fold.

I lined up the sleeves so they were cut from the same area as the shoulders.

1. Using a zigzag stitch attach the shoulders first, 

2. Zigzag the rough edge of the sleeve, then turn under once and straight stitch.

3.Then attach the sleeves in arm opening.

4.  Finally sew starting from the sleeve to the
bottom of the dress in one step.

I used a zigzag stitch to put this dress together.

I used a piece  of the bottom of the sweater as a collar.
Just cut a strip long enough to go all the way around the collar.
Remember to stitch to the right side.

I had a funny seam in front, so I used a button 
and a fold to cover up the seam.

Here is the finished dress.
I gave Julie one of our crocheted hats
which matched perfectly.

I used the buttons from the front of the sweater as a closure in back
but I am not really too happy with it. If I did this again
I would probably make an edge like on the sleeves and use velcro.

OH, and those cute boot socks?  
They are baby socks from the dollar store!


Sketch around your dolls hand.
Make sure it is plenty BIG.

Cut out 4 mittens alternating direction.

 Zigzag all around with fabric turned right side in.

Here is one mitten sewn and the other turned 
right side out.

PS, I forgot to edge the ends, so I had to do it AFTER it would 
have been much easier to do it before I put them together!

AND here are 2 pair of finished mittens.  You can use old sweaters or heavy
t-shirt fabric.  I tried fleece but it is not stretchy enough.


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