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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grace & Nellie's Christmas Party

 Oh Molly!  The house looks so festive!
I know, Grace & Nellie really know how to make things look pretty.

The tree is beautiful!

And look at Grace's gingerbread house.
See the tutorial here

 Are you ready?  I'm ready.

 OK Grace I think all the cookies are done.

 The gingerbread men turned out lovely!

Meanwhile at Big Bear...
 I hate to leave this beautiful scene, but I promised
Nellie we'd be at the party!

 We're here, are we late!
Not at all!  I was worried about you driving in all that snow.
It was a piece of cake in the jeep.

 Wow, Nellie you and Grace did an awesome job.
The whole house smells like cookies.

 Mmmm!  Gingerbread cookies!
Not yet!  Go upstairs, Molly and Jose are there.

 So Big Bear was very snowy and we hated 
to leave but we're glad we made the party.

 We thought we heard Emma?
Yes, she already went upstairs.

 Can I have a cookie?
Not yet not everyone is here.

 Hi Emma!
Hi Julie!

 WOO, it's getting chilly out there!
Go talk to Emma and Jess they just got back from the snow in Big Bear! we had to put the jeep in 4-wheel drive!

Come and have cookies everyone!

Some Christmas close-ups
Our tree

Gingerbread men are buttons I found at the craft store.
I just put some red glitter-glue in the button holes!

This is our cardboard gingerbread house

This tree is actually a salt shaker!

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Anonymous said...


I have two Pleasant Co. Our New Baby Dolls. One is supposed to be from 1990 (back of neck just says Pleasant Company - the letters are pretty uniform, neck strings are on the left, the eyes have soft, white lashes, body is firmer). The other is supposed to be from 1993 (neck strings on right, neck says Pleasant Company - the letters are more uneven and has the no. 14 on it, the body is floppier, doll has white lashes. Is there any way to tell which doll is actually older? Thank you.

Sophie and Brenda said...

I don't know very much about American Girl Bitty Babies. I would have to just research this online. I would start by doing a search for Older Pleasant Co. Dolls. Many of my other readers know more and hopefully one of them will see your post and have a suggestion.