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Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Earmuffs Tutorial

We will be going to the mountains soon for our annual sledding day, so I thought some earmuffs would be nice to keep the girls ears warm.

 Cut open a plastic water bottle and open up one entire side.
 My bottle had these indention that made an easy spot to cut.
One bottle gave me 3 sections to use for earmuffs or a headband.

 I have one open section of the water bottle and laid it out on my flannel
I cut a strip long enough to go around the plastic and end to end.

 My fabric was 2" x 13", a little long to make sure I was covered.

 Turn wrong side out and sew a tube.

Put a safety pin in one end and turn it inside to 
Make the headband cover.

 Here is the pin inside the tube under my thumb.
Keep inching it through the tube until you can pull it out the opposite end.

 Slide the plastic bottle section into the tube.
It is possible this could all be hotglued, 
I always seem to get a gluey mess when I try too much glue.

Here is what we want to have at this point.
This is also a great way to make doll headbands!

 Use any small round object to make a circle on some thin
cardboard like from a cereal box.
Cut out the circles.

 Draw a bigger circle around the cardboard on the fluffy fabric.
Cut out 4 circles.

Sew half way around 2 circles with all the fluffy inside!

 Here is what we want.
Turn it right side out.

 Insert one small cardboard circle
and make a line of hotglue around the top edge.

 ONLY glue down one side of the fluffy fabric.

 Make a big spot of hotglue on the cardboard and glue the
headband piece inside the muff.
Run another line of hotglue over the open area 
and glue the remaining fluffly fabric to finish the muff.

 Before attaching the second muff, try it on the doll 
to make certain it is at the right position.


Well, we are ready for sledding now!


Anonymous said...

SO super cute!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thank you, I think they turned out pretty good too!

Unknown said...

They are really cute! I want to make this and if I do the only thing I'll change is the size of the ear circles, because they look a bit too big to me. Thanks for showing us how to make this!

Brenda Savage said...

That is the beauty of this earmuff you can make it any size you need!