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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Renew Julie's Straw Hat

I got a great deal on ebay for this Julie 
birthday dress, hat and PJs.

 The hat was sadly a bit crushed.
I have noticed most second hand hats are
in similar condition.
 Of course I wondered how difficult it would be to restore?
This is what I found out...

 Get a lint-free towel damp and lay over the area
needing to be restored.

Using an iron set on the cotton heat setting
press without leaving the iron too long on any one spot.
The idea is to steam the straw, so don't let your towel get too damp!

 For the crown I used a small bucket for our AG horse
and a small towel.  A small bowl would work or anything
That is the right size for your hat.

 Set the hat on your bucket, bowl etc, whatever you find that works.

Run your iron carefully around the sides and over the top.

And here is how the hat looks now!


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