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Monday, November 10, 2014

Mystery Doll solved!

Childhood Doll UPDATE!!!

I actually purchased a Madame Alexander doll from the time period I was looking at and realized after she arrived that she wasn't THE doll mostly because the hair was wrong.  Sigh

SO, back to the drawing board.  More research online and I realized that this must be the doll.

Effenbee Petite Filles Doll
She is 16" tall, wearing the green velvet dress from my memories, she has ringlets and very long hair. She is from the right time period around 1971 - 78.  
She is an Effenbee Petite Filles Gabrielle Doll.

I was certain she had brunette hair, but I was a child so possibly this strawberry color
looked like brown to me.

SO, now I am deciding to try and purchase one of these dolls or just be happy with the memories?

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