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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Molly's Loneliness

By Sophie age 8

Molly was a lonely  person with no one to play with, talk to, or get warm with.Then, one day and one night a girl came in to the room and found her in the cab-nit. she was dressed in a blue dress with long brown hair.
  She looked lonely and sad so Sophie the girl took her out and looked at her tears from her eyes to her mouth.Molly and Sophie stared at each other. Sophie had an idea to cheer Molly up. She took Molly to an animal store and bought a horse named Penny. Before bed Molly practiced riding the horse. 

When it was bed time Molly knew she'd half to go back in the cab-nit.  But instead she had been taken in Sophie's hands and got dressed for bed. Molly yawned and closed her eyes as she was tucked into bed.
  As Molly fell asleep she felt a sniff sniff on her face. This time she really fell asleep.

Though Molly dreamed she was with Sophie but she felt a breath and knew her wish came true.The End

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