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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doll bed out of foam - Tutorial!

Here is the end product.  I hope this tutorial is helpful!

 I start with my go-to craft foam - eggcrate!  I got this at the big box discount store for cheap.

 Mark the foam with a pen 8" by 20". 

  Cut out 2 of these 8" by 20" pieces.

 This is the headboard. 8" wide by 6 1/2" tall.  I just use a bowl or guesstimate the rounded top.
The headboard can just be square too if making the rounded part seems too much trouble.
Cut out 2 headboard pieces as well.
Here are the foam pieces all cut out.

 Hot-glue the pieces of foam together with the ridged parts facing each other.

 Here is our basic bed shape ready for fabric.

 Let me just say here that I am NOT a true seamstress! 
I lay my foam on my fabric and cut out with some generous amounts of fabric for seams.

 For the bed fabric I wound up cutting out a folded piece of fabric around 12" wide and about 26" long.  This was a little too wide and I had to bring it in about an inch, but for me I'd rather have to take it in than have it too small.

 I am basically making a pillow slip to cover the foam with.
Those of you who do not sew, you could just hot-glue fabric to the foam.

 Here is my  pillow slip to cover the foam.  

 I fold the corners in to make box corners.  Then it is easy to stitch down with a needle and thread - or even hot glue!  I just prefer stitching.

 Here is my headboard.  Again I just cut out a generous 
bit of fabric around my foam while it is lying on the fabric.
 I used a colored pencil to make a light line as a shape guide.  
As you can see I am leaving an inch or so around the shape for fitting.  
Then I stitched these 2 pieces of fabric, right sides together, to cover the headboard.  
After stitching I trim the excess fabric.
(I know, I am a fabric waster)

 I inserted the foam in my headboard cover and here is the bottom of the headboard.
I fold the fabric under like I was wrapping a gift.
Then I whip-stitch it all the way across.  OR you can just hot-glue it!

 I do the same thing to the open end of the bed.  
This end of the bed will be attached to the headboard and hidden from view

OK, here's the thing.  I tried hot-gluing the headboard to the bed body, but it just didn't work.
SO, again, I just whip stitched the 2 pieces together.  
If anybody out there figures out a better solution please share!

So, here is the bed put together.  Now the bedspread and pillows!

The bedspread.  I just use 2 matching fabrics.  I usually like to do one side of fleece and the other side of cotton, but I had this pink fabric and thought it would make a cute spread.  I cut out 2 pieces of fabric about 25" by 17" and sew them right sides facing like a pillow slip with one open end.

With my 4th end I just fold both fabrics in and....
 Stitch down to close the end.

 Last of all I cut out another piece of foam to make a pillow.
I cover it with fabric and close it like the bedspread. 

 I make a separate pillow cover.

 I saw this fleece scrap and decided to make a little throw pillow.
I cut another small square of foam and sewed around 3 sides.  
Then I cut into the fabric to make strips and knotted the strips on each end of the pillow.

And here is the finished bed ready for sleepy dolls.

Sweet Dreams!

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