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Sunday, March 17, 2013

ANOTHER chair makeover!

Here it is right from the thrift store.  Something Christmasy for sure! 
But better yet just the right size for the dolls!

Improved by just removing the flowers and greenery.
Next, off to the sewing machine!

 Some scrap fabric for a seat cushion....

 Cushion is stuffed but needed something...
Ah! some trim hot-glued all around.

 Hmmm, next a throw pillow

 Two-sided for versatility...

A couple more scraps and an iron on flower. 

Some other scraps lying around catch my eye, maybe a quilted pillow?
 Half an hour later I have a quilted throw!  Who knew?

 Put it ALL together and!

 And, here is the other side of the reversible pillows.

Emma loves her new chair!

Mousy too.

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