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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sock dress tutorial

Back when we first started this blog I had a post sharing 
clothes we had made or remade. 

On the post above I had shared a couple sock dresses.  
I just got a request to do a tutorial, so here it is!

NOTE: These sock dresses are NOT easy to put on.
Little girls will need help.

You'll need a patterned knee sock.

Lay your doll flat and lay the sock over her.
The top of the sock should be about where
 you want the bottom hem to reach.

Cut off the sock about at her cheekbone.

Lay the sock on your doll and cut a tiny hole just below her armpit.

Using this hole cut a slit about 1"

Pull the sock on from her feet upward.
Then insert her arms in the armhole/slits.

That easy.
The sock will naturally roll up to make the collar.

NOTE:To really finish this off you can whipstitch 
around the neck and armholes. 

SO what do you do with the toe of the sock?

This is a great video tutorial for that toe!

I've cut openings in the toe and cut out the heel.

Pulled on the sock and cut a deep V in the top of the sock

Pulled those ends around and tied them behind her neck.

Now I have a dress and swimsuit!

So, some easy doll dresses and swimsuits.


Kathy said...

Great! Thanks for the tutorial. This works if the design on the sock is not one way. Hmmm. I have to think about this.

Brenda Savage said...

Just look for a sock that has a pattern that could work upside down or right side up.

Flo said...

Cool idea! I could see a skirt possibly out of a shorter sock too.

Brenda Savage said...

Oh yeah! That's a great idea.

vbennett said...

Great tutorial! I always feel odd about cutting socks apart, and then just leaving their edges raw. I always fear that they will unravel. I think that the whipstitch is a good solution for me. :)

ginnie /

Brenda Savage said...

Yes, the original 2 dresses I made I whipstitched the sleeves, but not the neck. The nylon socks never raveled where they curl up at the neckline.