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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Our Doll Kitchen

The kitchen in our dollhouse has taken many forms over the years.
This was the first version.  This was back in 2012, not long after
Our first 2 dolls, Grace and Emma, came to live with us.

Then my husband helped me construct this stove.

The addition of the stove was a huge improvement.
Sophie was 8 and she loved her doll kitchen.

After the new dollhouse was built, the kitchen was updated again.

Most recently, the kitchen looked like this.
A few months ago I found the maple drop-leaf table.
More recently, I found the wood cabinet in the center.  
This wood addition made me think about redoing 
our kitchen in a more traditional style.

Our Molly is the one who spends most of her time 
in the kitchen, so I looked at 1940's kitchen styles.
This is actually from the 1930's, but I loved it.

Then I found this image of a 1940's stove.

AND, here is our stove now.

The wood cabinet that started all this.

I love my egg basket!!
I made these eggs from polymer clay.

I had purchased this fabric months ago, just because I loved it.
Ever since, I wondered what I would use it for.
When I rummaged through my fabric and saw it, I knew!
These butterflies would be for the new kitchen.

A matching dish towel.

I made this rug out of some coordinating fabric.
I will have a tutorial for this rug at the bottom of this post.

BEFORE and...

Our new kitchen!

For the rug I cut a piece of fabric about 12 inches long
and 8 inches wide. I turned down a
 single fold and hemmed the long sides.
Then I lay my fabric on a hard surface and 
using a pin I start to scrape at the rough edge.

Just continue pulling out strands of fabric until you have a fringe.


I used this same technique to make my dish towel.


Lainey Dunlap said...

What a beautiful kitchen! I love the finished product, I bet Molly feels very blessed to spend her free time in here.I'm really enjoying these tours!

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Lainey! I think Molly is very happy with the new kitchen. We are both happy with how it all came out.

Becky said...

What a lovely co-ordinated kitchen you now have. I would assume more loosely woven fabric would be easier to make a fringed rug/towel with? All so pretty.

Kathy said...

Wonderful! I can't do this, but I'm inspired just seeing what you do. Thanks for the post.

Brenda Savage said...

Thank you Becky, I am very happy with our new kitchen. The rug was made from a pretty loose woven fabric. The dish towel was regular cotton fabric, but I was still able to pull threads out to create a fringe.

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Kathy, I'm glad you feel inspired. That is my whole reason for doing this blog. I really enjoy showing how anyone can make things for their dolls without a lot of expense.

vbennett said...

Ooh! I love your new doll kitchen! It looks so cozy and friendly! :)

ginnie /

Brenda Savage said...

Thank you! I am very happy with the result as well. It really came out better than I expected.

Anonymous said...

What a transformation! It is amazing what a little paint can do. I loved the kitchen as it was but the green color scheme has made it even more inviting. I'd like to bake a pie in that kitchen.

Brenda Savage said...

Thank you Fawn! Me too! I think one of my favorite things about the dollhouse is being able to redecorate with paint and scraps of fabric. I am so happy with the new kitchen. NOw I am wondering about the other rooms. Hmmmm...

Julie Ann Newman said...

Wow, that avocado green looks like something out of my time! It looks groovy!

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Julie. Yes, avocado and orange! I guess it's true, styles do come back. I remember having avocado green shag carpet in my room as a kid!

Flo said...

I love how it turned out after the redo! I'm hoping to do some redecorating in our dollhouse after things calm down, good winter project.

Brenda Savage said...

Thank you Flo! I am very pleased with how it came out. I just found a bunch of mini apples thirfting so I will soon add a bowl as well as other red touches.

Melody Silverleaf said...

The kitchen is gorgeous!

Brenda Savage said...

Thank you Melody, I am very happy with it.