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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Martin shares some REALLY cool stuff

Hello all. Martin here.  I know you must be tired of hearing about HAIR and CLOTHES and all that boring stuff so I decided I would share some REALLY cool stuff.
You can see here some of my collectibles.  
Mostly Star Wars, and Harry Potter.
Oh and by the way, the Harry Potter books are the best EVAR - just sayin.

I have an R2D2 trash can AND a real R2D2 model.

I have BOTH the large and the small Millennium Falcon models.

 I also have this Star Destroyer and an original version X-wing fighter.
This is the type X-wing Luke flew in "A New Hope".

This is my skateboard.  Cool huh?

I also play the guitar. Listen to this riff!
(twang twang)

I have this cool model of Han Solo on a Tauntaun from the ice planet Hoth. 

As well as a Chewbacca and C3PO

I have a real Harry Potter robe.
Oh, this is my dog Buddy - he's cool too.

This is my Hedwig stuffed owl.

And this is a wand I made from a tree branch.
I told you this would be cool, but the best is yet to come!

This is my horse Penny.

Here's Buddy again.  He likes to tag along with Penny and I.

I think I am very lucky to have a horse of my own.
Well, I really share her with all my sisters, but I ride the most,
except for maybe Molly.

Well, that's it.  I hope you enjoyed this post about really cool stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot!
This is my best friend and photographer - Emma.
Julie's a better photographer but she said she was busy.

Emma wanted me to get a picture of her new dress.


Julie Ann Newman said...

Hi Martin,

Danny, Jason, Kyle and Marc here! *everyone waves*

Here in Springfield, we're surrounded by giggly girls, so we know what you're going though. We don't know about some of that future stuff like Star Wars and Harry Potter (It's still 1975 for us!), but we know how important it is to have GUY stuff. We have lotsa action figures like Star Trek and GIJoe. And we love comic books, Hot Wheels, walkie talkies, space ray guns, and we all have skateboards! We also like to play basketball, baseball and football. We don't have our own horses, but there is one up at summer camp we like to ride named Cherokee. Keep groovin' the guy stuff!

Your friends,
The Springfield Guys!

Brenda Savage said...

Hey guys, Martin here, I like Star Trek too! I watch it sometimes with my Mom, but don't tell her I like it. My Mom says she used to read the Fantastic 4, Black Panther, The Avengers and Green Lantern comics. Read any of those? Here in the future they are ALL super cool movies - lots of fights! Guys here still like baseball, football and basketball, but lots of us play soccer now too. You guys are lucky to have each other, I am surrounded by GIRLS and all their girly stuff. Yeah, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have a horse.

Flo said...

Hi Martin! Great to see what you have, you'd get along great with a couple of the girls here. Shivan loves Star Wars and Marie-Grace is a big Harry Potter fan. And Cassandra is hooked on Dr. Who and Torchwood, have you ever watched those? We have 3 horses here, one that Marie-Grace rides and the other two belong to Zara and Abby. Zara rides in a lot of competitions for English saddle and has won a lot of awards.

The Girls from Say Hello To My Little Friends

Brenda Savage said...

Wow, you girls seem kinda cool! I have watched Dr. Who a few times, it's pretty wicked, especially those angel statues! I laughed because Mom got scared and wanted to turn it off.
Harry Potter is the best except maybe for becoming a Jedi, it's hard to decide. Girls can be OK, if they don't talk to much about girl stuff, I mean Emma is my best friend and she's a girl, so there ya go.

Julie Ann Newman said...

Hey Martin,

We're mostly into the DC heroes. Superman and Batman are our favorites. But we like some Marvel comics like Spider-man and the Hulk. We love watching the Spider-man cartoon every day after school. Our best friend Kevin loves Captain America, so sometimes we watch the Marvel Men cartoons.

Danny, Jason, Kyle and Marc

Brenda Savage said...

Danny, Jason, Kyle and Marc,
I asked my Mom and she said she watched the Spider-man cartoons when she was a kid! There's a new Spiderman movie coming out soon, I think it will be awesome. I really like Captain America too. Mom suggested I get some comic books and try reading them, but I'm not into reading so much, but maybe I'll try it.

Your friend Martin

Brenda Savage said...

Hey Dudes, Martin here,

Yeah I love going fishing and camping. I live near the ocean so we Kayak and fish a lot. I also do a lot of skateboarding and bike riding. I live in the attic too, but my FOUR little sisters are up there too. HA! I do have lots of Hotwheels and I love building Legos too. Emma is pretty special, she likes camping and hiking and all that stuff too. I have read some Magic Treehouse books, I also like the Billy and Blaze books. They are about a boy and his pony Blaze and their adventures. It's just like me and Penny only Penny is a mare.

Brenda Savage said...

Hey I responded above to a comment by "Anonymous", but somehow we accidentally deleted it! So sorry Dudes! Re-comment if you can. Martin and Brenda

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding Martin. It's me, Kevin. It is nice to see that you like many of the same things CJ and I do. The next time I go to the library I'm going to check out the Billy and Blaze books. With summer vacation just two days away, I'll be looking for some good stories to read on the swing under the pecan tree in the backyard. (BTW - I'm a friend of Fawn.)

Brenda Savage said...

Yeah Kevin you should look for those Billy and Blaze books. They were written a long time ago, but the pictures are really cool. C.W. Anderson wrote and drew all the pictures. Hey I like that idea of reading on your swing. Maybe I can build a swing, hmm, something to think about. Oh and thanks for re-commenting Kevin, sorry we lost your original comment.