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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Lamp Tutorial

 I recently found this single salt shaker in a thrift store.
This is a tutorial showing you how easy it is to make it into a doll lamp!

I use an empty - washed - applesauce cup. 
(applesauce cups are very popular in my house)
I cut off the top rim.

Then you need a piece of fabric 10" long x 3" wide.
 I hem the fabric on both edges with a single turn
about 1/4" or so.
The fabric shade needs to be wider than the cup is tall.

Hot-glue the fabric to the rim of the cup.

 THEN hot-glue this cup/shade to the top of the salt shaker.
Don't worry it won't ruin the salt shaker!
Hot-glue peels off of ceramic and glass pretty easily.

Make sure the lampshade hem is in the back!!
(guess how I know the hot-glue peels off easy)

Then just drop in a battery votive.

That simple.

Here are some other lamps I have made.

This is made from an antique hat pin holder.

 This lamp and the one below
are made with small glass candle holders.

And this one is made from a mini-vase
I found thrifting.

Here is one of my lamps all lit up at night.
I have found that some of these votives are brighter than others,
but most will make a definite light in a dark setting.

Happy Crafting!


Linda Reynolds said...

They are all so cute! Thank you for the tutorial! Now off to find a suitable base!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Linda! Good luck hunting for salt shakers - remember you can also use small candlesticks and mini vases. The candle sticks I got at the hobby store.

Flo said...

This is such an awesome idea, very clever!!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I think I saw this awhile back on Pinterest, so I can't take full credit. I really like the lamps and love that they really light up!

Anonymous said...

I made a lamp today using your tutorial and am very pleased with the results.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Brenda and Sophie said...

That is awesome Fawn! It is such a simple idea, I just had to share.