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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Zelia and Layla go to Mammoth

Hi everyone, Layla here.
As you know we just got a new sister Zelia!  All us Savage kids were heading for PINE LAKE SUMMER CAMP, but Zelia missed the sign-up!  So, Mom and Dad were going camping in Mammoth and Zelia was going to go with them by herself!  I asked mom if I could skip camp and go with Zelia?  She said of course!
(What happened the first time at Pine Lake)

This is the Mammoth Mountains.
That is glacial snow which means some of it never melts!

Wow, look at that waterfall!

Our campsite has lots of big rocks and pine trees.
We can hear the sound of rushing water everywhere!

 On our first day Zelia used her butterfly
net to try and catch butterflies.

 Zelia tried to catch this butterfly but he was too fast!

 I found some wild flowers and pressed them
to add to my scrap book.

 We used our magnifying glass to look at
the flowers and rocks we found.

I found this colorful rock it was so neat!

The next day Dad took everyone kayaking on the lake.
Half way across we heard thunder!

Dad told everyone to turn around fast and head back!

 Back in the camper we listened to the thunder and rain and even saw some hail!
"When can we go back outside mom?"
 Sorry kiddos, we can't go out in a lighting storm.

WOW!  I think you're right mom!

Dad took us for pizza in town and when we got back it was bedtime.
Zelia and I loved sleeping in the pop-up camper listening to the rain fall.

The next day was bright and clear.

Me and Zelia climbed rocks nearby...

 and went on a hike around the campground.

 Our campground was called Coldwater Creek, we found out why.
That water was COLD!

  This is the first stream we came to.

 This was the second one!

 Ah, so relaxing

Later that day we went on a horseback ride.
Zelia was happy she already knew a little about riding from Penny.

 The next day we saw Devil's Postpile.
This is lava that dried in these tall posts.

This is the top of the posts, the lava dried in hexagonal shapes!

After we left Devil's Postpile we hiked over to Rainbow Falls.

The water mist makes the rainbow!
This is our last full day here at Mammoth.
In the morning we pack up the camper and go home.

Bye Mammoth.
We hope we can see you again some time!

One More thing:
We know you are all wondering where we got the cute nature set?
Well, we'll tell you!
We found it at "The Cast Off Thrift",  a store that helps support Mammoth Hospital.
A lady there up-cycles baby and child clothes into 18" doll clothes!
All the money goes to the hospital.
Here is the whole set.

 The camp jumper is two pieces, shirt and shorts.

 The orange nylon hat matches the details on the waistband and cuff.

 It also came with the butterfly net, butterflies,
magnifying glass and flower press.

 All for $12.00

We love it!
Just goes to show, you never know what you'll find thrifting!


Flo said...

Camping is so fun! Looks like the girls are having a good time, even with the lightning. That set is adorable, what a great find!

Brenda and Sophie said...

We did have a very nice time. Mammoth is SO beautiful. I was so happy about that set, I couldn't believe it!

Julie Ann Newman said...

Wow! I love camping. It looks like you all had a dynamite time!

*From Julie's doll mom:*

I've never been to Mammoth, but it looks really beautiful.

Brenda and Sophie said...

We did have a great time Julie! Mammoth is beautiful, I highly recommend it!

Leigh & Kathleen said...

Wow - what beautiful pics! We are traveling to New Hampshire soon, and your blog has us inspired! - Leigh & Kathleen

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks! We are glad we inspired you. Have fun in New Hampshire!

Joanne Mariel Maniago said...

Hey Brenda and Sophie! I have great and exciting news! The Hearts For Hearts Dolls are coming back! Read more here at:

Brenda and Sophie said...

That is so great!!!! We are excited to see them out again!