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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inexpensive AG doll room and bed ideas

Don't wood work?  
Don't sew?
On a budget?

Easy Doll Rooms
Here are some great ideas for inexpensive doll rooms and beds.

Sophie decorated this room herself when she was 8!
our first doll room
This is a tri-fold board cut in half, so we got 2 rooms out of one board.

A doll school room made from tri-fold board.
These tri-fold cardboard displays are very inexpensive $5 or $6
found at any office supply store.
Decorate with fabric or craft paper to make a fold up doll room.

I was VERY lucky to find this doll trunk in a thrift store
This is a great doll room for a single doll.
Unfortunately they are hard to find and can be expensive.

An old suitcase could be made into a doll room.
Look at all the houses this lady has made!

Best doll bed deals

Here is my tutorial for an easy foam doll bed.
 I did some sewing, but everything can be done with hot-glue
and hemming tape. (see below)
The table is a cute box I found in the Target 1$ bin.
The lamp is an old air freshener from a thrift store.
The picture frame is from the Michael's 1$ bin.

A wooden shoe rack could be made into bunkbeds!
Make sure it is around 20" LONG

Ikea Doll bed $19.99 
includes basic bedding.
Paint and add your own cute bedding and it can be adorable!

Michael's Springfield doll bed $39.99
 but look for 50% OFF COUPONS! 

Also try making a doll bed from a cardboard box, or a basket!  

How to make an easy mattress.

Cut out and cover some egg crate foam with fabric - easy mattress!

What about cute bedding?
What if I don't sew?
Go to a fabric store.
Get a package of this iron-on hemming tape

Pick out some cute fabrics....

Cut out fabric in 26" x 10" rectangles
or whatever size fits your bed.


Iron your hems

If fabric stores are not your thing use old clothes or
thrift store clothes, in fabrics you like, to make bedding.
 This fabric came from a thrift store skirt.
It became the spreads for this doll bunk.

This bunkbed is a bathroom rack, but it only fits these smaller 14" dolls

Misc. Furniture.

Thrift store chair

Thrift store jewelry box makes a perfect doll dresser
All of our dressers came from thrift stores!

This kitchen cabinet came from Hobby Lobby.  We had to paint it, but pretty easy.
Our kitchen plates are inexpensive play tea sets.

I am always keeping my eyes open for miniatures that might fit the doll house.

Doll play does not have to be expensive.
Use your imagination.
Making things can be fun and boosts creativity!

I use egg crate for crafts because it is SO much cheaper than buying foam from a craft or fabric store!
When my kids get a new egg crate for their bed, I put the old one through the wash and use it for crafts!


Flo said...

LOVE this post--so many great ideas and a fantastic message!!! Creativity is so important.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks Flo! I love being creative and I know how expensive a doll hobby can be!

Darlene Dickinson said...

Great photos! Love the creativity!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks Darlene, we love finding easy and inexpensive ways to decorate our dollhouse. Our goal is to show other Moms and girls that they don't have to spend a ton of money to make something pretty and fun for their dolls. : )

Heather said...

Love all your ideas! Why can't yall live down street so we can play dolls? LOL

Brenda and Sophie said...

I know huh!? I have long thought that doll lovers need a giant playdate conference, so we can all meet and play dolls together. : )

Oh and thank you, I enjoy thinking up new, inexpensive and fun ways to play.