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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Emma has to go to a new school....

"...So I said to Julie, 'please pick up this mess', and she said..."

 "Oh, hi Emma, what's with the uniform?"
"I have some news."

" I won't be in the same school with you this Fall."

"Oh no Emma!  Why?"
"I'm not sure, but Mom signed me up today
 to this new school near our house. I'll be right back I need a snack."

 "Hi, I thought Emma was here, I need to tell her something."
"She'll be right back, she just went to get a snack."
"Emma was just telling us Mom put her in a new school."

"A new school huh?  I don't think she needs to worry about that, hehe."
"Martin, what do you mean?"
"Oh nothing, just don't think she'll  be going to THAT new school. Tell Emma I'll be back in awhile."
"OK, bye Martin."

"Oh, Emma you just missed Martin. He was saying you 
shouldn't worry too much about a new school."
"I wonder why he'd say that?"

"Do you hear something?"
"What is that at the window?"

 "It's an owl!"

"He's carrying something."
It's a letter addressed to me!"

"What does it say Emma?"

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Please come dressed in your Hogwarts uniform, etc..."

"Who is that!?!?"
"Hi. I'm Harry."
"Just kidding, it's me Martin! I got  a letter too.  
I told the girls to tell you you'd not be going to THAT new school! But
we have to go or we won't make the train!"

"Are you ready?  Hang on tight! I just learned to fly this today."

Costume Pictures
(mom made everything except the white shirts and Martin's slacks.)


Martin's casual outfit by Peggy Dimasi, Iris4179 on ebay

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