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Thursday, April 03, 2014

What happens while Sophie is sleeping...

 *whispers* Is she asleep?
I think so.

We better check to make sure.
 mmph, ow, 
It's OK she's asleep.

AH! Shhhhh!!
Can I come?
Not tonight Husky, we don't want a crowd again.

Quiet girls, mom and dad are watching TV.
Are you sure this is a good idea?

 OW, my ear.
Almost there!

 This is harder than I thought, these stairs are high!
Just keep climbing.

 Hi girls!
Hi Barbie, hi Joe.

You girls need to be careful, you could fall and hurt someone!
You know we are always careful Joe!
That's what you said last time, I better come along just to make sure.
OK, but we don't want a crowd like last time Joe!

 Just knock Grace, Emma and Beth will open the doors.
Neighhhh, whatcha doin?
Hi horse, we just came to see Beth & Emma.

 What are you girls doing here?!?
Come down, let's have fun!

Us too?  Bark bark!
OK, but no more!

I wanna come too.
Oh all right.

Hurry up Emma!
Ahh, help Beth, I'm falling!  Ouch!

  We'll get the game.                        Let's read a story.

      Up you go!                         Mmph, Come on Beth
                                              Thanks Joe!                        I'm trying!       

What about us!  Can we come and play ?
Sure, but you'll have to jump!
It's OK we're all soft it doesn't hurt.

 "I don't like green eggs and ham..."
This is my favorite story.

Your turn Julie.
Hey, let's do a giggle circle! 

 Hee hee hee, ha ha hee, giggle giggle...
Uh oh, I think it's getting lighter, time to go!

 C'mon  Sock Rabbit reach for Honey Bear!
I'm trying, my arm feels like it's full of fluff.

Bye!  Later! Bye!  Come again soon!

                                     Mph oaf, c'mon Emma hurry!    Here take Buddy! Reach up!

Quiet girls I think Mom's awake.

I'm so glad you're back I was beginning to worry!
Grab my hands! You grab my foot!  
Get in your beds fast before Sophie wakes up!

I hope they all got home safe.
More tea?

1 comment:

Sophie and Brenda said...

really? I never knew.... I thought they were good girls and went to bed like they were told... I guess there is a LOT of things about american girl dolls i don't know.... Mom you know to much things about american girl dolls that it is starting to get creepy. Its like i don't KNOW you. ):I Hmmm...