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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A petite Paris fantasie

With Emma & Savannah Anne

 Here it is, our hotel!  It's like a doll's house!

Oh, our petite hotel has such a view!

Are you sure it's this way?
I'm pretty sure it's this way.
There's a cafe let's sit and rest for awhile.

 What an adorable Cafe! It's so nice to sit down.

Finally the Louvre', they said the Venus DE Milo was this way.
There are so many people I can't see anything!

Oooh, the Mona Lisa!
I never realized how small she is.

Next day
 What a beautiful day for walking.
Oh, oui, tres bon!

 Look at this window display!

 They said there was a golden horse here somewhere.
I don't see it.

Oh, look at that dress!, I love it!
Oh no, it looks like there's only one.

I'm tired let's head back.

I love my new dress!
 It won't fit if you keep eating those pastries!

Oooo, look at our view at sunset!
So beautiful.

Here, let me help you with your ribbon.
Thank you.

I've got our tickets for the Seine River tour,
are you ready?

There's our boat!

Yum, I love these Petit Fours.

What a great way to end our trip,
dinner on a river boat in the Seine!

 Oh look the tower is sparkling with lights!
Paris is truly beautiful.

Au Revoir!


Sophie and Brenda said...

mom you did such a wonderful job. im impressed.!


Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you Sweetie!!