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Friday, February 22, 2013

Nina and Grandma are visiting!

Nina and grandma are here and now it is time for 
Nina and Lydia to meet for the first time!

(In Emma's & Beth's Loft)
"Julie, get your camera ready."
"Well Lydia, are you nervous to meet your new sister?"
"A little, I am so glad you are here Emma!"

"Nina!"  "Lydia!"
 "You girls didn't need me at all!'

 "Oh Emma!  It's so good to see you again!"

 "I have missed you all so much!"
"I am so happy to have a new sister Lydia!"
"Me too Nina."

"The rest of the girls are on their way up..."

 "Oh you're here!  Beth, this is Nina!"

 "It's so nice to meet you Nina."
"Nina!  I am SO happy to see you!"

 "Hugs all around!"

"Let me snap your picture!"

"Tell Lydia about Texas Nina..."

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