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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What has Nina been up to????

What has Nina been up to?  WELL!  Let me tell you.  She and Grandma have been very busy making jewelry for dolls.  Nina is Grandma's model for her lovely jewelry and headbands.  Nina wants to share with us all about what it takes to be a fashion model.

"Hello all!  this is Nina.  I wanted to share with you about being a model.  It is a lot of work being a model.  To be a good model you have to be able to stand patiently for long periods of time while your photo is being taken.  I happen to be very good at standing still.  Sometimes you have to have several photos of the same pose taken to be sure of a good shot!"

"When taking a fashion photo it is important to consider the color of what's being modeled and the background.  Here, Grandma Linda decided to use a dark background to show off the crystal tiara headband."

"I don't always look straight into the camera.  Here I am looking thoughtfully into the distance while I skillfully  display the jewelry set I am modeling.  It is important to look natural and relaxed."

"As you can see in this picture, a white background and white shirt were used to draw all attention to the colorful headband I am wearing.  Luckily I am very good at standing still.  It makes the photo-shoot go more smoothly."

"Here I am in a shot that gives the impression that I am running in the wind.  But, I'm not!  I am standing very still, but the hairdresser has styled my hair to look windblown.  My hairdresser is the best!"

"As you can see a lot goes on being a model.  I enjoy my job as a model and look forward to doing more work in front of the camera.

Well, that's all for now!  Grandma and I will keep you posted about what we are up to here in Texas.  Until next time, take care Y'all!"

Hugs n kisses,

Nina and Grandma Linda


Anonymous said...

Very informative. You have a very nice blog site.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks! We have fun creating it!