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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Savannah Ann and Emma

Emma and Savannah Ann are best friends.  They knew they were best friends the instant they first met.  They love doing all kinds of things together.  And of course Savannah and Emma shop together.  They don't need to buy a thing, they just love looking.  but every once in awhile they can't resist something new.

 "Oh, I love this dress!!"
                                                              "It is your color, you should get it!"

"Look at these shoes...." 

Savannah Ann loves to drive an open top Jeep. 
                                               "Let's go down PCH.  I love the sun on my hair!"

"Wait for me!"  
During their drive they talk about the clothes they saw.  
"I wonder if that dress is available in other colors?"  
"I always look online.  We can check when we get back."

"I don't see it here.  Oh well."
"Look at that outfit though!"

Whew!  Savannah and Emma are ready to put their feet up after a long day out shopping and sight seeing.

After a rest Savannah and Emma decide to go out to eat.  Savannah and Emma love to go out to eat.  They would eat out every night if they could


After a long day of shopping and eating Savannah and Emma love having sleepovers and watching their favorite movie....

They love how Barbie and Ken first meet and fall in love...

 and also how Buzz Lightyear saves Jessie and wins her heart!

Savannah Ann and Emma have to say goodbye for now.  Aunt Sina has adopted Savannah Ann and she is going to live with her in Georgia.

Emma helps Savannah make up her bed and get ready for her big move.  Precious, Savannah's kitten, is helping too.  After all her things are packed it is time to say goodbye.

"Good bye Savannah."
"Goodbye Emma."

"Bye Savannah, bye Aunt Sina.
We will miss you until your next visit."

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Sophie and Brenda said...

We miss you Savannah Ann

love Sophie