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Monday, September 03, 2012

Sophie takes Julie and Grace to the Mall

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Grandma Linda said...

I am not just a proud grandma, but there is raw talent in the complication of this video. I expect to see Miss Sophie as a future commentator in the media. She has poise and is quick in assessing every situation and describing it. Kudos to you, my very special granddaughter!

Anonymous said...

Sophie, you are such a STAR!!!! I soooo enjoyed your vidoe I watched it again and again!!! Can't wit to see your name in lights in the box office!!!

Mimi Dawn

aunt sina said...

sophie, i enjoyed watching your video. you girls had so much fun! can't wait to see your next video production. i will stay tuned for more.

aunt sina

First Time Buyer said...

I just bought an Addey doll doll off the internet. The neck stamp has Pleasant Company but below that is stamped 148/16. I can not find any definition of the numeric stamp. Can you shed some light?

Brenda and Sophie said...

I would do an internet search for AG doll neck stamps and their meanings. I really don't know a lot about AG doll neckstamps, Sorry!