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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nina and Grandma in California

Hello all this is Nina. I am Grandma Linda's doll.  I just arrived in California to visit with the grand kids.  Grandma and I had a long day yesterday flying from Dallas, TX to Dana Point, CA.  We are here now and we are looking forward to having lots of fun.

I was happy to see the girls and meet Nellie. 
(l-r  Nellie, Nina and Grace)
 Nellie arrived after I went to live with Grandma In Texas.

(l-r Julie, Nina and Grace)
I missed all my AG friends in California.  I only spent a week here before going to Grandma in Texas, but we became forever friends just the same.


debbie said...

Welcome to California. Will you go to the AG store in LA?

Sophie & Brenda said...

We are thinking about it. It is a long drive!!